The Double Cross, Part Fourteen

Continued from Part Thirteen:

Captain Justice and Commander Justice Jr. faced the Human Muscle in Jesse Miller’s hospital room.

The Human Muscle laughed. “Does the old folks home know you’re gone?”

Captain Justice smirked. Water off a duck’s back. “Muscle, I busted you thirty years ago. I’ll do it again.”

“Oh how I’ve missed our little battles. The Sword was so professional, so neat, always in a good camera angle for pictures he’d give the comic artists. You were just so …old school. I’m going to enjoy killing you.”

In a Wrestle-mania pitch, Commander Justice, Jr. said, “We’re gonna mess you up. Nobody messes with the Justice family.”

Captain Justice slapped his forehead.

The Human Muscle asked, “Who’s the chubby kid?”

“Junior, get the lady out. I’ll handle the Human Muscle.”

“But Grandpa—”

“Go!” This guy will have you for breakfast, and I’m not losing both of you.

The Human Muscle lunged at Captain Justice. Captain Justice jumped out of the way. “Still as agile as a freight train, I see.”

The Muscle ripped the headboard off the Hospital bed and threw it at Captain Justice.

Captain Justice watched it sail right past him and out the window.  “Look out below!” He turned back to the Human Muscle. “Nice aim.”

The Human Muscle ripped the bed frame apart and wielded half the frame like a baseball bat. He swung and scraped the wall paper. He swung again and hit a book shelf.

Captain Justice leapt at the Human Muscle. The Human Muscle grabbed him and spun Captain Justice around like a pro-wrestler. He got a grip on the other half of the bed frame and landed a solid blow to the Human Muscle’s back.

“Put Captain Justice down.”

“No problem, pee wee.” The Human Muscle flung Captain Justice at Junior.

 The impact sent them both sprawling to the ground. The Human Muscle picked up both heroes by the neck.

Captain Justice gasped for air. It felt like his whole chest was caving in.

“Let’s see who dies first.”

Continued next Monday

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