The Double Cross, Part Thirteen

Continued from Part Twelve

Small Packages grabbed Captain Revolution by his shoelaces and spun him in the air. Captain Revolution screamed. “Let go of me you comic fool. You’re ruining everything.”


“Let me down and you’ll see.”

Small Packages dropped Captain Rev-olution, who stood up and whistled.

Tarantula King jumped Dark Mystic and bit his leg. Dark Mystic screamed and threw Tarantula King off. “I thought you were on our side.”

“There’s been a change in the line-up.”

“And a few players added,” Captain Revolution said.

Out of a cave on the opposite side of the Peninsula, emerged the Defender in a black trench coat instead of his white one, Revelator, Lord History, and Skyscraper, all none the worse for wear.

Small Packages ran to his brother.  “Bro, you had me scared.”

Skyscraper scooped Small Packages up and placed him in his pocket.

Small Packages said, “All right bro, let’s level them.”

Pantheon shouted, “This isn’t poss-ible! I killed Lord History and Defender. I remember hiding the bodies.”

“A drug induced false memory,” Cap-tain Revolution said. “I mixed up a cocktail, gave you a post-hypnotic suggestion, and made you believe you had killed them. And we were able to get Dark Mystic to believe they were dead too, and thus keep them safe.”

Pantheon laughed.

“Lady, you’re outnumbered hopeless-ly!” the Tarantula King said.

“One woman with the right power can do anything. Lightning bolt of Zeus!”

A lightning bolt zipped out of Panthe-on’s fingers and struck Tarantula King in the chest. Tarantula King fell limp.

The heroes all took cover behind rocks and boulders.

“Rocks won’t save you!” Pantheon fired a blast at one of them. “I’ll destroy you.” She laughed. “Starting with the one who spurned my love. Lightning Bolt of Zeus!” She fired another blast at the rock.

The Sword stood up behind where the rock had stood, his blade drawn.

“Your blade can’t defeat me.”

A short heroine in white face paint and a black shirt and black pants shoved the Sword aside.

Small Packages said to Skyscraper, “Is that who I think it is?”

Pantheon cracked up. “The Mine. The Mine goes against the almighty Pantheon.”

“Oh brother,” said Small Packages.

The Sword said, “Surrender now and you may survive.”

“I have no fear of the Mime!” Panthe-on pointed towards Mime’s steady advance. “Lightning bolt of Zeus!”

The Mime pressed her hands along the boundaries of an imaginary wall.

The lightning bolt dissipated.

Pantheon’s jaw dropped.

The Sword laughed. “You should have read her comic.”

Pantheon sneered. “Her shield won’t hold.”

She pointed her arms towards the Mime. “Lightning bolt of Zeus.”

The lightning bolt deflected.

“Lightning bolt of Zeus!”

The ray bounced back at Pantheon and knocked her flat on her rear end. The Mime advanced ever closer. The Sword and the other heroes joined the Mime behind the forcefield.

Pantheon ran to Dark Mystic. “Please, help me!”

The Dark Mystic loosed an inhuman laugh. “Help you! You will pay the price of failure. To the pit with you!”

The ground gave away beneath Pan-theon, who sank into the Earth. “Help!”

The Sword jumped on his blade and tapped it. “Blade, expand.”

The Blade expanded to surfboard-size, and the Sword rode to Pantheon, up to her waist in the sand. He reached, grabbed her glove, and pulled. “Skyscraper!”

Skyscraper stretched across the ex-panse and grabbed the Sword’s torso. Small Packages said, “Come on, bro, pull for all you’re worth.”

They pulled.

Almost up to her shoulders

And pulled.

Pantheon put her head back in an effort to keep her airways above the sand.

And pulled.

The Sword and Skyscraper fell back-wards as Pantheon disappeared from sight. The Sword stood up with Pantheon’s gloves in his hands.

The Dark Mystic laughed. “Never fear, your turn is coming.” He ascended in the air towards a portal above him.

“Hold on, pal!” Commander Justice leapt on Dark Mystic’s back. “Land now.”

“Never!” screamed Dark Mystic, throttling through the sky into the portal.

Dark Mystic and Commander Justice continued to struggle.

The portal closed behind them. Small Packages stared. “Commander!”

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