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First Day of 99 Cent Ebook Sale Complete, Two to Go

Well yesterday was a big success in our 99 cent ebook sale.  We hit several genre-specific Amazon best-seller list (for Kindle Books and regular books as well.)

We also sold our first copy in the U.K. Amazon store in a month! It’s always so gratifying when folks in other countries are buying the book and enjoying it. We’ve got two more days to go in our Tales of the Dim Knight, “It’s No Joke: April Fools Day Sale.” Purchasing information is below:

If you have another ebook reader, you can purchase your copy at, just use coupon code, “XG43J.” And let your fans and social networks know about this great sale.

Christian Speculative Fiction Is Like NATO

 Christian Speculative Fiction is a curious term. It doesn’t mean a lot to your average reader. Readers are not fans of Speculative Fiction per se. Most will like science fiction or fantasy, or cyberpunk, or dystopia.

The term is a real one, however is used more as a term among Christian authors than by our secular counterparts, because there’s so little of it published. After all, while someone writing about elves may have little reason to connect with someone writing about space aliens in the general market, in the Christian Market, the speculative label has meaning among writers, but not to our readers.