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Fifth Column, Part Six

Continued from Part Five

Captain Justice hurled a smoke grenade into the midst of the drug dealers in the alley. He dashed in with his night vision goggles on. He got the first thug on the chin, knocking him to the ground. He unholstered his tranquilizer gun and fired at the second.

 Dart after dart found their target until seven thugs lay sprawled on the ground. Never understood the ropes the other heroes used. Tranqs were less work and easier for the police to pick up.

He walked through the alley. One got away. Only one place he could have gone. Over the wall.

Captain Justice charged the wall and leapt clean over the ten-foot obstruction. The fleeing drug dealer’s footsteps echoed in the distance. Captain Justice sped through the alley. Almost on the drug dealer.

The thug glanced back and sped up.

As if that’ll help you.

He turned a corner. The dealer had van-ished. He stared up. Nothing. Focusing, a faint orange glowed appeared around every heat source. He scanned down the street. Nothing. He turned left onto another alley.

A garbage can up against the brick wall showed the bright orange glow of a human heat pattern.

Ah ha! Captain Justice lunged towards the bottom of the trash can, overturning it.

The drug dealer tumbled out. Captain Justice jumped onto the thug’s chest and grabbed the gun out of his hand.

Captain Justice aimed his tranq gun and fired a shot into the perpetrator’s arm. A second later, the guy was out cold. Captain Justice hoisted the drug dealer on his back, ran back to the wall and jumped over it, this time only clearing it by two inches. He placed the drug dealer near his compatriots with the evidence. The police would find them.

Captain Justice walked away.

A spasm ripped up his leg.

He crumpled to the pavement, clutched his knee, and screamed. With effort, he soft-ened the noise tearing out of him to a moan.

Dr. Baxter’s laundry truck pulled up in front of the alley. Doc jumped out of the car and ran over. “Cap, what happened?”

“I think I tore something.”

Dr. Baxter hoisted him up, offering his shoulder as a crutch. “Let’s get back to the office. I’ll figure out what happened.”

Captain Justice limped to the laundry truck. If I can’t handle one simple mission, how can I ever go back?

Continued…Next Monday

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