That Christian Geeky Couple: Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song and the Ice Warrors

Adam and Andrea continue their journey through timeline of River Song and talk about the finale of Series 6, also back to the classic era and a discussion of the Second Doctor Story, “The Ice Warriors.” Adam wraps up by talking about the Doctor Who Audiobook, “Day of the Troll,” the Seventh Doctor Audio Story, “Colditz,” and The Second Doctor Companion Chronicles Volume 1.

That Christian Geeky Couple: Doctor Who: Closing Time

Adam and Andrea discuss, the penultimate Doctor Who episode of Series 6 (aka. The Lodger II: Two Men and a Baby), then some Christmas cheer in July from the Librarians in, “The Librarians and Santa’s Midnight Ride,” then they pick apart volume 1 of the Gotham Adventures. Then Adam recounts his reading of the one book to RULE THEM ALL, “Fellowship of the Ring,” and then talks about the Martian Manhunter: Epiphany before discussing Doctor Who Audio Dramas The Eye of the Scorpion, The City of Spires, and the Curse of the Fugue.

That Christian Geeky Couple: Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler and the Moon Base

Adam and Andrea discuss the Doctor Who story where no attempt is made to kill Hitler and then they turn to Patrick Troughton on the moon. Adam discusses Wonder Woman Archives, Volume 4 and then digs into some Big Finish releases including the Fourth Doctor releases the Paradox Planet and the Legacy of Death, and the Two Masters. Then Adam talks about the new premise for Vienna for Series 3.