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Unknown Mission, Part Twenty-One

Continued from Part Twenty

Snyder sat in his quarters staring at a blank holo-window.

“Need some help, kid?”

Snyder jumped as Blackjack McGraw appeared in his window.

McGraw laughed. “You’ve been on this plan for days. Thought maybe I could give you an idea.”

“I’d be honored if Blackjack McGraw would help, but I think I’ve figured out how we can get around their tech. Though, I trust you’re aware this window’s monitored and are scrambling this on both ends.”

“Your trust is well-placed.”

“Great, now I know how we’re gonna get this done.”

“I got a complication for you. The night we’re supposed to do this, the school’s casino will have a special guest.”

“How special?”

“Stefan, the European Steward.”

Snyder clucked his tongue. The World’s most powerful undisputed non-person-a former harem boy himself even-was selling out. “Actually, Stefan makes this perfect.”

Continued…Next Thursday

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