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Adventures of Powerhouse Ebook Supersale: Speed of Santa For Free Tomorrow

All week along, we’re having a sale on the Adventures of Powerhouse series.

Today and tomorrow,  my Christmas Novella, The Speed of Santa is free as we feature Major Speed on a memorable Christmas adventure:

“It’s Christmas, and you have to be Happy at Christmas!”

“Bah humbug,” Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Speed says. How can he be happy? He was ripped from 1957, stranded in the twenty-first century, and held captive by a supercriminal. Now he’s escaped captivity to a homeland he barely recognizes as the country he defended in WWII and Korea as the costumed hero Major Speed. Almost all his friends have died, and he’s lost most of what he loved about America.

Nothing’s left for him but to go to Iraq and fight for the Kurds against ISIS. Until, that is, a dying man asks him to use his super speed to play Santa and deliver presents to every corner of the globe all in one night. In a world full of emerging heroes, he’s still the only one who is fast enough.

Also, the latest full length novel Speed Trap is available on a Kindle Countdown deal. It’s 99 cents Monday and Tuesday, $1.99 on Wednesday and Thursday, $2.99 on Friday and Saturday:

Major Joshua Speed has escaped our time back to his native 1950s but the past ain’t what it used to be. Alien invasions, costumed criminals, and Red martial artists dominate his days. He’s beginning to wonder if something is very wrong with the world.

In the present, Powerhouse, AKA Dave Johnson searches for a kidnapper abducting women’s fiancés. The enigmatic Jet Lady joins the battle as the kidnapper throws suspicion on Justice Woman by using her name. Powerhouse vows to bring her to justice, not knowing Justice Woman is his wife, Naomi Johnson.

Justice Woman has to clear her name, find the real villain, and prove to herself that she’s cut out to be a hero, all while pouring cold water on Jet Lady’s attempts to seduce her husband.

For Powerhouse, ahead lies a race against time with lives at stake in an elaborate trap meant to lead him to his destruction. They’ll reunite with old friends and fight new enemies in a struggle to win an epic battle against Powerhouse’s archenemy, The Pharaoh.

Also, the earlier Adventures of Powerhouse ebooks are for sale. The first Powerhouse book Tales of the Dim Knight is 99 cents all this week.  Fly Another Day and Powerhouse Hard Pressed are $1.99 all week. You can also pick up the Powerhouse Heroic Adventures Bundle containing all three of the first books for $2.99.

Finally, Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis  is available for $1.99.