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That Christian Geeky Couple: The Flash: Flashback

Adam and Andrea talk about Flash’s journey to the distant land of 2015, a Captain America, Iron Man direct to video movie, Adventures of Supergirl #5, and Doctor Who: Serve You, along with Big Finish Productions Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 2, Doctor Who: The Four Doctors, and Doctor Who: The Fires of Vulcan.

Podcast: Superman v. Batman: The Cereal Battle and Supergirl: Childish Things

Superman, Batman, Cereal Boxes
Two cereals come in, only one cereal goes out in a battle of Batman v. Superman cereal. Andrea and Adam discuss Supergirl: Chidlish Things. Adam talks Showcase Presents Aquaman Volume 1, Doctor Who: The Early Adventures: The Domain of the Voord, and Doctor Who: The Acheron Pulse.