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Powerhouse Flies Again: A Modern Superhero Christian Family

This is the first of several articles I’ll be writing on the upcoming novellas, sequels to Tales of the Dim Knight. 

The first drafts of Tales of the Dim Knight contained an ending that closed the door to future sequels with a, “Two years later…” epilogue.  This is one of those things that got cut as we were doing the editing on Tales of the Dim Knight and I’m hoping with the sequels, we can make people glad for that change.

In the sequel ebooks we’ll take a look at how Dave Johnson as Powerhouse tries to make the city of Seattle a better place in the face of a sinister plot:

Superhero Family

Superhero’s rarely have families. There are exceptions. The Incredibles stands out as a recent exception and if you grew up in the 1980s, you might remember the Bionic Six. Though, in these series, the family all have superpowers. With Powerhouse, he has superpowers but his wife and two kids do not.

That creates some interesting tension in the first book as Naomi and the kids don’t know what’s going on and of course, Powerhouse, like most superheroes, goes at the superhero thing full time,so Dave Johnson is mysteriously gone from his family and neglecting them leading to some nasty side-effects.

In the sequels, the family’s lives have been changed by a tragedy, the revelation of Dave’s secret identity, and the power of the Gospel, as well as acquiring a surprising live-in chef.

How will they react to the return of Powerhouse?

In the serials, we aim to be realistic even in the fantastic circumstances of the stories.  Dave finds them to be pretty supportive of his efforts, with everyone doing a little bit to help. Of course, there are going to be bumps in the road and the relationship between Dave and his wife Naomi will provide lots of comedy and drama in the course of the novella series.