Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Thirteen

Continued from Part Twelve

The Emerald Avenger strolled up Main Street, twirling his bull whip. He needed a new info source. But what?

He spotted a bum sitting on the corner, with a newspaper in his lap. Ah, perfect! “Hey, know where Night Lord’s head-quarters is?”

The bum coughed. “No.”

The Emerald Avenger pulled a twenty out. “Do you remember now?”

“Um, no.”

The Emerald Avenger pulled out more where that came from. “How about now?”

“Look, I like the money, but Night Lord ain’t a freak who advertises that. You could try following one of his dealers.”

“Know who one of them might be?”

“Uh …Tommy Hitchens.”

“Thank you, my kind sir.” Bowing, the Emerald Avenger tipped his fedora.

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