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Powerhouse and the Pastor, Part Two

Continued from Part One

Night Lord took a sip of his black coffee, feet up on his desk. A small drop spilled on his shirt. He wiped it off. He never had to worry about stains. He always wore midnight black, the same color as everything in his lair, though some of the furnishings had silver accents. He skimmed the crime section of the newspaper to see if any of his dealers had been arrested.

One of his underlings entered. “Night Lord, Marcos is here to see you.”

Night Lord sighed. “Send him in.”

Marcos entered. Night Lord stood.

Marcos pulled his gun. “I just got the latest report, and your sales are still half of the nearest drug lord’s totals.”

“We’ve had problems.”

“You’ve had problems. None of the other dealers in the city have had problems.”

“They don’t have Reverend Jones.”

“They got preachers in their areas. A preacher’s a preacher.”

Night Lord shook his head. “Jones is different. He evangelizes the dealers. He visits their families. He can show up anytime preaching when my guys are trying to sell.”

“Sounds like you need to whack him.”

“Oh, I’ve tried, but-” Night Lord paused. “My people are locals; they won’t kill a preacher. They’re afraid God will strike ’em dead. One guy I got to actually try was arrested, and another got born again.”

“They’re very religious people.”

“You should have put a Black in charge of this area. I’m seen as an outsider.”

“We’re equal opportunity employers. Besides, you didn’t think you were taking over Montana. Now, take care of this Reverend.” Marcos trained his gun between Night Lord’s eyes. “Unless you want me to give your territory to someone else?”

Night Lord glowered. Marcos would pay for that, assuming he ever slipped up and gave him opportunity. “I’ll handle it.”

“See to it.” Marcos began to walk away, but glanced back. “I don’t want to have to come back here.” Marcos left.

Night Lord sighed. Minions. “If I want it done right, I’ll have to do it myself.”

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