The Great Search, Part Seven

Continued from Part Six

Outside Dr. Squall’s home, Cardin sighed. “Not a blasted clue anywhere.”

Captain Justice frowned. He found that hard to believe. “No maps? No com-puters?”

“All gone. We know something was there. The lab was full of electric outlets, plus Jaden found an eight months old ele-ctric bill for $10,000, which means they’re running something that takes a gargantuan amount of electricity.”

Junior said, “Here’s a clue. The lawn.”

Captain Justice smirked. “What? Are they not using natural fertilizer?”

“Somebody’s maintaining it. Who would maintain a dead man’s lawn when no one knows he’s dead?”

Cardin made a note on a Blackberry. “I’ll follow up on that. Good catch, son.”

Captain Justice patted Junior on the back. “I should have thought of that.”

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