The Emerald Avenger v. the Corruptibles, Part Six

Continued from Part Five

Dave Johnson plopped in his scruffy desert brown easy chair with his morning coffee and breathed a heavy sigh. What good was it to catch a criminal, if they’d just get out?

Zolgron appeared. “Why don’t you do something about the corrupt police officers?”

“Which ones are corrupt?”

“Figure it out.”


“I know nothing of your technology, but I can learn if you do as I say.”

Why do I think this is going to hurt a whole lot? “Okay, I’m game.”

“Where is your database?”

What the heck? “Database?”

“Information catalogue?”

Dave frowned. “How long have you been on Earth?”

“Roughly fifty solar years.”

“And you’ve never even heard of the Internet?”

Zolgron shrugged. “The host that got me stuck on this planet crash landed in a remote jungle. I was stuck in third world countries until my last host emigrated here. He unfor-tunately was single-minded about blowing up as much of America as possible.”

“Um, this way.” Dave walked to his computer and sat down.

Zolgron disappeared.

A USB cord extended from Dave’s chest and screams from the depths of his lungs.

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