The Great Search, Part Six

Continued from Part Five

Small Packages entered the chapel in the village square. Highland Guardian sat in a pew, reading the Bible.

“Hey, do you have time for a con-fession?”

Highland Guardian looked up and shook his head. “I’m Church of Scotland. We don’t do confession. But I’d be happy to talk to ye.”

Small Packages walked over to the kilted hero. “Sure, I don’t know if I have anything to confess, other than wanting to kill Payday.”

“Ask the Good Lord, and he will for-give ye for that.”

“It’s been more than eight years since I’ve gone to church regularly. I try to go on Easter, but haven’t made it in six years. Always some emergency. I probably need to confess that too.”

“The Good Lord will forgive ye. But may I ask what makes ye feel like goin’ to confession?”

“For seven years, Skyscraper has been not only my brother, but my whole life. Now he’s dating Speed Skater, and it hit me. We’re both freaks of science, but his freak-ishness won’t stop him from finding getting married. Mine will. I’m alone in the world.”

“Lad, aren’t ye overreactin’ to a first date?”

“Oh, she’ll end up with Skyscraper. She’d be out of her mind not to. Even if she doesn’t marry him, it’s a matter of time be-fore someone comes along.”

“And you’re afraid of being alone?”


“Now lad, you needn’t fear that. The Lord is with ye always. He knows ye better than anyone. He created ye.”

“But that’s my problem. God didn’t knit me together in my mother’s womb, a lab technician did. I hear I don’t have a soul. How God care about me if I don’t have a soul?”

The Highland Guardian laughed. “Lad, o’ course ye have a soul!  It doesn’t matter what man did to ye in the womb. The soul comes with humanity. It’s who you are, not how tall ye are. Your soul is a creation of the Almighty God, and don’t let anyone else tell ye different.”

Small Packages said, “You sure?”

The Highland Guardian nodded. “Aye, lad. Ye have a soul, and must take care of it. Nourish it with the Word, and feed on pray-ing to ye Creator, and get ye to Church.”

“There’s so much to do.”

“The Good Lord managed this world for thousands o’ years without ye help. He can keep it runnin’ for a couple hours. Now, don’t be like the Pharisees and ignore people in need on the way to church, but make time for God.”

I don’t know what a Pharisee is, but I don’t want to sound stupid.

“Thanks, Guardian.”

“You’re welcome.” Highland Guard-ian rose from his pew.

“Hey, think I could get married?”

Highland Guardian smiled. “With God, all things are possible, and there’s never been any harm done askin’ him.”

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