The Great Search, Part Eight

Continued from Part Seven

On the way to the Justicemobile two days later, Captain Justice said, “I hope Zach’s info is worth the trip.”

Junior shrugged. “It’ll be better than what Riley had.”

“True enough.” Captain Justice got in the driver’s side with Junior sitting in the passenger seat. They drove out of the garage, down to the light, and turned onto the freeway. 

The car hit 55 mph. A click sounded.

“What was that?” asked Junior.

“Don’t know. I’ll have to take this by the dealership if it starts making noise.”

A semi truck was ahead of them in the left lane. It kept getting closer.

Junior stared at Captain Justice.  “Grandpa, hit the brakes.”

“It speeds up when I hit the brakes.”

The truck grew closer. Captain honked. The truck maintained its current speed.

Captain Justice got over to the left shoulder, driving with one wheel on the pavement and one on loose gravel. Blue highway patrol lights flashed behind them.

Junior said, “Grandpa, maneuver to the guard rail. We can jump out of the car before it goes over the embankment.”

“Sounds like we have to. Check the door.”

Junior pulled on the door handle. It only clicked. Uh oh. Junior pressed the electronic lock. “Grandpa, the door won’t open.”

Take off your boot. Use the steel toe as a hammer to break the window.”

Junior took off his boot and broke the window. The glass sprayed away.

Junior dropped his boot and jumped out the broken window. Shards of glass cut into his thighs. He hit the ground on one foot. He turned. The car headed over the guard rail and down into the ravine.

Junior screamed. “Grandpa!”


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