The Emerald Avenger v. the Corruptibles, Part Seven

Dave yawned and peered at the clock on his computer. Twelve fifteen pm? Two hours had passed? He peered at Zolgron. “What happened?”

“I absorbed all the information in your database. “

“You took everything off the Internet? But that’d take forever.”

“I skipped most of the video, audio, and the half of the database dedicated to your species’ bizarre sexual obsessions. But I know how we can get the corrupt police officers. The City of Seattle offers direct deposit to their employees, which means they have their employees’ checking account numbers in a database.”

“Great, but what does that mean?”

“If you obtain the database, you’ll have their checking account numbers, and if you break into their banks’ databases, you can find out what’s going into their accounts.”

“Okay, so if we can get into several sen-sitive databases, we’ll learn what?”

Zolgron shook his head. “Which police officers have had unusually high deposits into their accounts.”

“I see, kinda.” Sorta. Not really.

“Just trust me. What other choice do you have?”

Continued Next Tuesday.

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