The Emerald Avenger v. the Corruptibles, Part Twelve

Continued from Part Eleven

Wilson caught up to Gordon’s car after the hill up to their driveway. The cabin appeared through the evergreen forest.  Gordon cursed. It’s on fire!

He screeched to a halt two feet behind Gordon’s break lights. Both jumped out and ran towards the water pump. Wilson turned on the faucet. Gordon picked up the attached garden hose and sprayed in vain at the flames. Wilson flipped out his cell phone to call the Fire Department, but fire trucks pulled up. The fire chief jumped off his truck and shoved Gordon away from the garden hose. “Out of the way.”

The firefighters turned their hoses on the cabin, but a spark lit up a pine tree. Within seconds, the flames spread across the dry, overgrown forest.

“Chief!” screamed one of the firefighters.

The chief looked up and whistled. “I’ll be.”

Wilson followed the chief’s gaze. Powerhouse’s ghost flew overhead, carrying a school bus filled with water, which Powerhouse poured onto the fire. Smoke and steam billowed up as the fire sizzled out. Gordon groaned. The water would destroy everything not already ash or tainted with smoke.

The firemen jumped in the air and threw their hats up, cheering. Powerhouse landed on the ground. Wilson glared at him. “I thought you were dead.”

“Not quite. I’m only semi-retired.”

The chief rushed forward and shook Powerjerk’s hand. “Come to the Volunteer Firefighter Barbeque anytime, Powerhouse. You just saved a lot of trees and homes.”

“I would’ve done it sooner, but it’s hard to find an abandoned school bus and even harder to get it full of water. In fact, I ended up cheating. But my work here is done. Powerhouse away!”

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