The Emerald Avenger v. the Corruptibles, Part Eleven

Officer Gordon pressed the play button on his answering machine on Saturday Morning. His partner’s voice poured out. “Hey, Randy, it’s Jack. Meet me at the cabin.”

Gordon groaned. “I hope this is important.”



Officer Wilson called his voice mail on his cell phone.

After the usual rigmarole, Gordon said, “Jack, come down to the cabin.”

Wilson got up. “I guess I’ll head out.”



Hovering over Gordon and Wilson’s cabin in the Avenging Eagle, the Emerald Avenger pressed a button and sprayed gasoline all over the premises. He descended a rope ladder to the ground, pried the door open with a crowbar, and proceeded to pour gas over everything inside.

At a large chest in the second bedroom, he stopped short. Upon opening it, the Emerald Avenger gasped, his eyes widening. “Comic books!”

He shifted through them. Wow, these were worth thousands. They even had a first issue of Spider-man and the first issue of Detective Comics featuring Batman. And since they’d think these were destroyed, he could add—he slapped his left hand. “You’re a superhero, you can’t keep the comic books.” He also couldn’t let them be destroyed.

The Emerald Avenger grabbed the chest, broke the glass in the windows, and jumped out. He climbed into the Avenging Eagle and turned on stealth mode. Though miles from any neighbors, he couldn’t risk being seen by the soon-arriving officers and the fire depart-ment.

He threw a match at the cabin. The match landed several feet away. He threw another and had the same result. Should’ve doused the walkway. Too late now; he’d used all the gas he could spare.

The Avenging Eagle hovered about four feet off the ground. He threw a match while pulling the thrusters back as far as they’d go.

The Eagle shot away like a bullet as the gasoline vapors caught fire. In his rearview mirror, the cabin exploded in the blaze.

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