The Great Search, Part Thirteen

Continued from Part Twelve

Thirty miles outside Boston, Com-mander Jr. stopped his rented Toyota Prius by a gated cottage. A black sedan parked behind him.

Cardin and Jaden of the Supernatural Intelligence Bureau got out of the sedan and came around to Junior’s window.

Junior asked, “What are you doing here?”

“We discovered who the landscaping man was and traced the payment to this address. Got a search warrant.”

“Well, let’s go in.”

Agent Jaden broke the lock on the fence and opened the gate. Junior drove in. The agents soon followed in their car.

Cardin got out of his car, walked to the door, and knocked. “Federal Agents, open up!” He waited a second and kicked open the door.

Pine-sol’s original scent saturated the carpet. Dentations marked where the furni-ture had been.

Jaden entered also and walked into the kitchen. “There’s food in the refrigerator.”

Junior checked out the back through a window. “There’s a garage out back.”

They walked out to the large detached garage. Cardin opened the garage door. Dozens of electrical outlets spotted the walls.

Cardin looked around. “This is about the configuration at Dr. Squall’s place.”

Junior walked to a torn scrap of purple cloth at the edge of the garage. He picked the purple scrap up. “Cardin, I think I found something.”

Cardin took a look. “This is part of Dark Mystic’s cloak. He must have torn it.”

Junior raised an eyebrow. “Dark Mys-tic was here?”

“Yeah, and take a look at the wall, looks like there was a small explosion.”

Jaden said, “That would explain the bloody bandages in the trash. Somebody’s been treated for some pretty bad wounds.”

“We’ll have to call in the FBI. They’ll want to test these, and to issue a warrant for Robert Markum for aiding and abetting.”

Junior smirked. “I’ll rest reassured knowing the bureaucracy’s on the case.”

“Young man, law and order may be a little slow for the McDonald’s generation, but we’re doing the best we can.”

“That may be, but we’re no closer to finding Commander Justice and the others.”

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