The Emerald Avenger v. the Corruptibles, Part Fourteen

Continued from Part Thirteen

Wilson sat in an interrogation room. A large manila envelope lay on the puke green table.

Detective Granger of the State Police extended his hands, all friendly like. “Gentlemen, I would suggest a confession.”

Wilson folded his arms. “This is crazy!”

Granger shook his head. “You were in the vicinity at the time of the fire. We found the crowbar used to break through the door in Officer Gordon’s tool shed with traces of gasoline still on the crowbar. Officer Wilson, you listed an antique chest containing mint condition collectors items on your insurance claim, is that right?”

“Yeah.” What did that have to do with anything?

Granger picked the manila envelope up off the table. With his gloved hand, he withdrew a comic book and waved it at Wilson. “Batman, first issue, a classic. Found all of them in your primary residence’s attic, with traces of gasoline on the chest.”

Lightheadedness swept over Wilson.

Granger held out a pen. “Write a confession, and everything will go much smoother.”

For you. Wilson pushed it aside. “I’m confessing nothing.”

“Come on, it’s plain as day you did it.”

“I want an attorney!”

“If you insist. Back to your cell.”



Granger gathered his paperwork for the Lincoln County prosecutor. Good thing Lincoln County would handle this. He didn’t know who to trust with the Seattle people.

His short partner entered. “Hey, Granger.”

“Hi, Sturges. You know what was funny about those guys? I almost believe them. Judging their reactions, I’d have sworn they didn’t do it.”

Sturges laughed. “Oh, come on! Are you getting soft?”

Granger smiled. “Not on your life.”

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