The Great Search, Part Fifteen

Continued from Part Fourteen

The Sword drew his blade and walked into the cave where Dark Mystic had killed Ice Cube. “Mystic, show yourself.”

Dark Mystic stepped from the shadows. He held a flame thrower pointed at the Sword. The Sword frowned. “Is this a truce or a battle?”

Dark Mystic laughed. “Jesse, I believe you drew first. Personally, I’d prefer a truce.”

That voice. It wasn’t the demon’s guttural speech. Jesse stared. “Ian.”

“Let’s get out of this cave.”

The Sword followed Dark Mystic outside. Dark Mystic said, “You didn’t bring anyone.”

“I know how to keep a truce.”

“Then perhaps we should put our weapons away. Allow me to go first.” Dark Mystic tucked his flamethrower’s business end into the tank.

Dare he trust Mystic?

What choice did he have?

The Sword sheathed his blade.

Dark Mystic flashed a half smile. “Come, let us talk of many things.”

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