The Devil’s Fool, Part Thirteen

Continued from Part Twelve

The Defender piled into the aisle along with Highland Guardian, the Texas Ranger, and Skyscraper. The heroes headed for the steel cockpit door. Highland Guardian knocked on the cockpit door. “Mystic, we’d like a word with ye.”

A deep voice rumbled from behind the door. “I bet you would. Didn’t I tell you to remain seated, due to air turbulence?”

The plane turned straight up and the five heroes tumbled backwards. The Defender flailed helplessly against the impending head-on collision with the rear of the plane.

Captain Revolution shot a hand out and stopped his fall. Lucky for you I was here.”

Thank you.” I think.

Revolution laughed. “Don’t thank me. I want the privilege of killing you myself when the occasion presents itself. That was simply too pathetic a death, even for you.”

The Defender reached across the aisle and latched onto an armrest. “Revelator! The Sword needs to do something.”

Negative,” said Revelator. “The Sword hit his head. He’s out cold.”

The Texas Ranger, being held by Blue Gorilla along with Skyscraper, said, “I need to get up there.”

Gravity is against you,” said Highland Guardian. “With all your metal, you’re far too heavy to climb up.”

Gravity is no obstacle,” said Small Packages. “We’ll get you up there, Tex. Skyscraper, wrap your arms around him.”

Skyscraper put his arms around the Texas Ranger.

Now,” said Small Packages. “Grow!”

Skyscraper’s seven-foot frame expanded to thirty-five feet, stretching the gargantuan across the plane.

At the same time, the plane began to right itself. It was still at a slight angle when the Texas Ranger arrived outside the cockpit door. “Much obliged, son.”

The Texas Ranger pulled his laser pistol from his holster and fired at the door.

The Defender, along with the other heroes, dashed forward.

A whoosh of air from outside the plane filled the empty cockpit. Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling. Skyscraper grew a little further and pulled closed the door that Dark Mystic had jumped out of.

The cabin began to re-pressurize.

Small Packages shouted, “Does anyone know how to fly this thing?”

The Defender touched his chin. Hmm. The plane was a custom model, but he’d give it a try if no one else could.

A beam of light burst in the cockpit windshield. Three hundred yards ahead, a fiery inferno appeared in the sky.

Continued in…Stranded

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