Stranded, Part One

Continued from the Devil’s Fool

Held in place by an expandable thirty-five foot, red-haired giant in overalls, the cyborg, half metal lawman from Texas fired at the cockpit door. It burst open. The cabin depressurized as Dark Mystic bailed out.

Oxygen masks dropped in the cabin. Revelator put his on and then removed the Sword’s bronze age battle helmet to put a mask on the unconscious Jesse Miller, who had drooled all over the shoulder of his black tonksium-Kevlar costume.

Revelator folded his arms over the mid-section of the lighting bolt jutting from the left shoulder to the right ankle of his blue and black costume. It would seem the story their demon-possessed “ally” gave about a convocation of villains in Jamaica had been a lie spun to lure them into a trap.

Man, he hated being right. Not like he hadn’t warned Jesse, but for some reason, Jesse ignored him. “Why didn’t you listen?”

Skyscraper grew a little bigger and shut the cockpit door. The cabin pressure began returning to normal. Revelator headed towards the cockpit, along with every other hero on the plane. From Skyscraper’s overalls pocket, his eighteen inch tall twin, Small Packages, shouted, “Anyone know how to fly this thing?”

Good question.

With his nanobiotic implant, Revelator focused on the brainwaves bouncing around the cabin, zeroing in one at a time on the patterns of his fellow passengers.

Payday: I planned on learning to fly . . . .

Not quite good enough. Quite a few of them would need to visit fly schools, if they got out of this alive.

Speed Skater: Hey, maybe all those hours playing flight sims weren’t a waste of time . . . .

Revelator shook his head. She could work as a last resort.

The Defender: Hmm. The plane is a custom model, but I’ll give it a try if no one else can.

Getting warmer. But, unfortunately, the verbalized thought had attached to it the knowledge that Bogdan Sagunov wasn’t instrument rated. In this storm, that could fly them to their doom.

A beam of light burst in the cockpit, and three hundred yards away, a fiery inferno appeared in the sky. Revelator sighed. This just wasn’t his day.

He grabbed the Defender by his white trench coat, worn over tonksium white dress shirt and pants. “Fly the plane.”

Speed Skater said, “Hey-“

“I know, Skater,” said Revelator. “Take my seat by the Sword. I’ll call you if you’re needed. Everybody else, back to their seats.”

The Texas Ranger said, “Rev, Aw think we may need to abandon plane. Yew want me to hand out the parachutes?”

Revelator nodded. “Yeah, thanks, Tex.”

Speed Skater lurched in the wrong direction. “I’ll help!”

Thankfully she didn’t have her skates on, Revelator shoved past her and took the co-pilot seat she’d been gunning for. He wanted to oversee this and doubted Flight Simulator girl would be a whole lot of help.

The Defender took his seat and turned the plane 180 degrees until it was heading away from the anomaly.

A chill went through Revelator’s body. His bionic implant went crazy for a moment and then returned to normal.

And 150 yards ahead, the fiery anomaly appeared again. The Defender turned the plane at a ninety degree angle.

Again, a sharp disruption in Revelator’s bionic implant, then normal.

And seventy-five yards ahead was the anomaly.

The Defender began a slow 180 degree turn. Texas Ranger and Speed Skater came back with dour expressions on their faces.

“We’ll need to jump,” said Revelator. “This thing is following us. And it keeps getting closer.”

“Bad news, partner,” said Texas Ranger.

Revelator grimaced. Did he even want to know? He caught Speed Skater’s brainwave pattern, and got flooded with the stunned memories reverbing in her mind.

He shoved the pattern away. The extreme sports expert had insisted she check the parachutes before distributing them and found they’d all been cut. Dark Mystic could write a book on treachery. “Thanks for your efforts. Get back to your seats.”

Speed Skater put a hand on the hip of her green and yellow Lycra unitard. “But we didn’t even tell you what happened!”

Texas Ranger put his robotic hand on her shoulder. “Darlin’, Rev kin read our minds.”

Recognition hit her face. “Oh.”

The two returned to their seats.


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