Powerhouse v. Night Lord, Part Fourteen

Continued from Part Thirteen

Lenny sat in his kitchen table, playing solitaire cribbage. As usual, he lost. He’d never known anyone who won solitaire, not even Reverend Jones.

He choked back tears. He had to do something. He went to the closet and grab-bed his bugle from his days in the military, so long ago.

Outside, he lowered the flag that hung on his stair rail to half-mast. He began to play taps for his dear friend.



At five, a night crew nurse clocked in. Her boss handed her a clean bed pan. “Go check on Mrs. Kennedy. She sat up at one o’clock and has been in that position ever since. We can’t get her to lay down.”

The nurse went about changing Mrs. Kennedy’s bedpan. “Shame about Reverend Jones. Shot by some animal. Real shame.”

She looked up. Tears streamed down Mrs. Kennedy’s cheeks.

Jimmy Olsen sat along side two of his friends on the basketball court. “Wanna play horse?”

Kenny Chung shook his head. “I don’t feel like it.”

Jimmy picked up a stone. “Yeah, me neither.”

Silence fell.

Jimmy sniffled. Pastor Jones taught them how to shoot hoops. It wasn’t fair. Powerhouse would make sure the bad guy never hurt anyone else, but who would be there for them?  Jimmy threw the stone as hard as he could. “Let’s go. Maybe we’ll feel more like playing tomorrow.”

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