Powerhouse Carries On, Part One

Continued from Powerhouse v. Nightlord

The kind eyes of Reverend Jones stared up from his obituary photo. Power-house’s lower lip wobbled. “I failed.”

Zolgron perched on a black boulder, his back to the waterfall churning purple under thick storm clouds. “Nonsense, you handled the greater risk.”

“But I promised to protect Reverend Jones. And now he’s dead.”

“You did what you had to do. Don’t waste your time and energy on pouting. We do not mourn on my planet. We seek bloody vengeance.”

“That’s not a superhero thing to do.”

Zolgron sighed. “Catch the criminal and turn him over to the authorities.”

“Are we all right with God? Are we going to Heaven?”

Zolgron snorted. “What’s with this nonsense? We’re all but gods ourselves.”

“That’s good to know.”

Continued…Next Tuesday

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