Fifth Column, Part Three

Continued from Part Two

Small Packages walked up to Captain Revolution, who was outside exercising.

 “Hello, Revolution.”

China’s champion grunted. “What have I done to deserve your visit?”

“Nothing I hope. I’m only verifying where everybody was last night when the incident occurred with the Defender.”

“It wasn’t my night to keep watch, so I was in bed. Ask Champion.”

Small Packages nodded. “Yeah, he said you went to bed about 11:30 PM. He went right to sleep.”

“I think that’s all there is to it.”

He wasn’t about to let it go just like that. “You hear him snore any?”

“Every night.”

“Like a train, right?”

“That’s an excellent analogy.”

Yeah, but it means something funny’s going on. “I had Champion in Chicago for a week, and I heard him snore. He needs to go to a sleep disorder clinic.”

“He must have snored a lot.”

“Nope, once. The guy’s got insomnia something awful.” Small Packages stared into Captain Revolution’s eyes. “He never goes right to sleep.”

Sweat poured off Captain Revolution’s brow and his eyes darted away. “Well, this is a different climate, and our days are very stressful.”

“Yeah, that must be it.” Had nothing to do with you and Champion having a glass of wine before bed. Five gets you ten that ol’ Revolution slipped something in the drink

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