Powerhouse v. Night Lord, Part Eight

Continued from Part Seven

Captain Welch frowned at Powerhouse, flying overhead. “I see he’s ready to join the party.”

Lieutenant Carnahan said, “Want me to get him out of the air?”

“No, I’m not risking a helicopter to save that guy’s skin. Let him kill him.”

“What makes you think the guy with the rocket will actually kill Powerhouse?”

A guy can hope. “Keep combing the area for him.”


Marcos hit his mark. A second later, he hit the next officer. Within a minute they lay sprawled beside the cop car, fast asleep.

He crossed the street, pulled out the Master Key, and shoved it in the keyhole. The Master Key changed shape until it at last turned blue. He turned the knob, and the door opened.

Works like a charm.

He crept into the house and headed for the reverend’s study.

Continued…Next Tuesday

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