Powerhouse v. Night Lord, Part Nine

Continued from Part Eight

Crouched in a roof access stairwell, Invisibility Master pressed a button on his suit and vanished from human sight. He threw open the door and ran onto the roof.

At Powerhouse’s approach, Invisibility Master pulled out the rocket launcher and fired. Powerhouse dodged the rocket and flew into a vacant office building.

The blast hit too close, and the current in his invisibility suit died. He cursed—the force of the rocket had temporarily disabled his suit. He ran back down the stairs.


Marcos crept through Reverend Jones’s house to the study. With the music blaring, the reverend wouldn’t hear a bull elephant. Marcos opened the door with a gloved hand. The reverend glanced up from his book.

He trained his revolver on Jones. “Put the book town, get up, and turn around.”

The reverend complied.

Marcos said, “Open up your shirt.”

The reverend did so, revealing a bullet-proof vest.

Marcos laughed. “Nice try, Reverend. I’ll just have to aim high.”

Continued…Next Tuesday

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