Powerhouse v. Nightlord, Part Seven

Continued from Part Six

Powerhouse’s ears twitched. On the street below, a police officer’s radio crackled. “All available units respond to a code 90 at the Seattle Center. Suspect has fired three rockets from a shoulder mounted launcher into local buildings. Captain Welch has set up a command center at First and Thomas.”

 “This looks like a job for Powerhouse. Powerhouse away!”


In the bushes outside the reverend’s study, Marcos peered through the window. The reverend typed on his computer. Across the street, a car door creaked open. Seemed the cops had spotted him. He pulled out a dart gun. The cops were on the take, but he needed to knock them out with the darts, so they’d have an excuse for not stopping him.

He turned, fired twice, and missed.

Time to reload.


The Invisibility Master crouched in an alley, leaning on his rocket launcher. The police combed the area outside. Powerhouse flew above them.

It was show time.

Continued…Next Tuesday

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