Fifth Column, Part Four

Continued from Part Three

Jason Justice stood on a rooftop in New York, overlooking an alley. Could Captain Justice come back? Only one way to answer the question.

A man with a gun crouched in the alley, waiting for his victim. A well-dressed man in his early forties walked by. The mugger pointed his gun at the man. “Get in here, real quick.”

The man walked into the alley.

“Time to go to work.” Captain Justice stared up at the sky in silent prayer. God, please help me.

Captain Justice dived down from the sky. His feet landed right on the mugger’s jaw, knocking him away.

The mugger stood, grabbed his gun, and turned to Jason. The mugger dropped his gun. “I give. I can’t fight freakin’ Captain Justice.”

He blinked. “Why not?”

“Man, I grew up on your comic. What chance a mug like me got? Even if I could kill you, my whole family would hate me. You’re an icon. It’d be like I shot Babe Ruth or the Statue of Liberty.”

“I see.”

Captain Justice tied up the mugger and returned the money to its owner. Now to find a criminal with less deference.

Continued…Next Monday

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