Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Nine

Continued from Part Eight

That evening, Dave turned about in front of Naomi’s full length mirror. He looked awesome in his new black suit. It looked ordinary, but had a bullet proof lining, a shiny emerald dress shirt, a black fedora with an emerald hat band, two tone emerald dress shoes, and an emerald bull-whip.

He put on a pair of rap-around slim-line night vision goggles that he’d heard about on a forum from some guy named “Josh.” Perfect.

Powerhouse had too much of a rep as a traditional superhero. This required someone darker. The Emerald Avenger.

The Emerald Avenger couldn’t fly. It’d attract suspicion if he had the same powers. No, he had something even better.

He went outside, pulled a tiny model air craft with hover capabilities out of his pocket, and focused on it until it grew to a full size, live ship. The Avenging Eagle.

The Emerald Avenger hopped inside his craft and rose straight up three hundred feet into the air. A press of a button, and the Avenging Eagle became invisible to the naked eye and radar.

The Avenging Eagle descended in an unlit alley behind a drug deal.

The Emerald Avenger lifted a mega-phone. “I’m here to avenge.”

The dealer and the junkie gaped at The Avenging Eagle and it’s large capacity machine guns.

The Emerald Avenger pressed the fire blanks button on his dashboard.

The cowards fled.

From the Avenging Eagle, The Em-erald Avenger lowered a bull whip, grab-bed the seller by the legs, and soared up. He kept a video of the dealer in one corner of his screen and giggled as the poor sap lost his drugs, his wallet, his gun, and his lunch.

The Emerald Avenger stopped at two thousand feet and pulled the screaming deal-er into the cockpit. “Look down.”

The dealer did. The Emerald Avenger kicked him in the rear. The dealer fell out into the night. The Emerald Avenger ex-tended the whip and pulled the dealer back in. “Do you want to live?”


“Tell me where Night Lord’s lair is.”

“I don’t know.”

“Wrong answer.”

The Emerald Avenger kicked him out of the plane and the whip once again grab-bed him. “Sure you don’t know?”

“Okay, I’ll tell, just don’t kill me.”

The Emerald Avenger brought the dealer back up. “Where is he?”

“At 1250 First Avenue South!”

“Powerhouse would’ve let you go now. Unfortunately for you, I’m not Power-house.”

The Emerald Avenger delivered super blows to the dealer’s torso and kicked out his front teeth. With the whip he slashed a funny looking A in the flesh of the dealer’s back. He’d have to practice that more.

Upon the approach to the hospital, The Emerald Avenger said, “You won’t die, kid, but you’ll need to be in the hospital a long time. Let me ask you a question. Did you finish high school?”

The dealer shook his head.

“I’d reconsider. I’m not going to kill you, but if you keep this up, someone will.”

He dropped the dealer off in front of the hospital. He watched until a nurse came and took the dealer into the emergency room.

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