The Double Cross, Part Ten

Continued from Part Nine

The motorcycle sputtered and died.

It’d been a few days since DJ had completed his hero basic training and to show him he was part of the team, Captain Justice had decided to let DJ pick out their vehicle.

Big mistake.

Captain Justice said, “Okay, I’m tak-ing this back to the dealership.”

Commander Justice, Jr. whined from the sidecar. “But this is good for the earth, Grandpa. It is a fully electric motorcycle.”

“Yes, and it runs out of battery life every fifty miles.”

“We just need to find a plug-in.”

Captain Justice stared at Junior. “Have you ever been in a high speed chase?”


“The crooks don’t let you stop and recharge. This is not a comic book. I am not looking for our version of kryptonite. Soon as we get back to New York, we’re trading this is for a good old fashioned petrol vehicle. Now let’s find a plug.”

Junior coughed. “The air stinks. New York smells much better than Pittsburgh.”

“You should’ve been a rose gardener if you cared about smell. If we’re going to fill in for every lost superhero, we’ve got to visit some of their cities.”

“Hey, there’s a plug by that street light.”

They pushed the motorcycle to the street light and plugged it in.

Junior rubbed together his navy blue gloves. “Now, we just wait six minutes, and we’ll be ready to roll again.”

“Another thing that crooks won’t let you do in a high speed chase.”

“I know what type of car you want.” Junior pointed across the street to a red 1970 Pontiac GTO parked in front of the hospital. “You want a muscle car like you and the Admiral drove back in the ‘70s.”

Captain Justice stared at the flexed muscle hood ornament on the Pontiac and raced for the hospital. “We don’t have a moment to lose.”

Junior dashed after him. “What is it?”

“I’ll explain on the way up.”

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