Day of Dread, Part Fourteen

Continued from Part Thirteen

At the end of Merle’s direct examination of the imperial law expert, Snyder stood at the defense table. “Your honor, I would like to dis-miss my attorney.”

Judge Appel leaned forward. “Specialist Snyder, have you ever heard the saying a man who is his own attorney has a fool for a client?”

“Yes, I believe a lawyer coined it.”

The jurors tittered in laughter. The judge banged the gavel. “Are you aware you cannot appeal on the basis of your own incompetence, and that, as an attorney, you are expected to act as an officer of this court and will be held to that standard?”

Merle stood. “Your honor, could I confer with my client?”

Snyder said, “Ex-client.”

Hollerman came over to the defense table. “Charlie, it’s not pleasant to be dismissed, but don’t take it personally. It happens. Leave with some dignity.” Hollerman returned to his table.  “If it pleases the court, the prosecution asks that Specialist Snyder’s request be granted and that Captain Merle be dismissed with no negative comment on his performance.”

The judge said, “Well, if it’s okay with the prosecution, we can now proceed to the cross-examination.”

As Hollerman cross-examined the Imperi-al law scholar, all of the arguments might as well have been in Greek. However, Hollerman stayed away from badgering and other obvious violations, so Snyder remained seated.

At eleven o’clock, Hollerman said, “No further questions, your honor.”

Snyder stood. “Your honor, I want to take my defense in a different direction, so, if it pleases the court, I’d like to request a seven day continuance to gather evidence.”

The judge frowned. “If you wanted to take a different direction, you shouldn’t have taken over right before the end of the trip.”

Hollerman stood. “If it pleases the court, could I have a moment with the Defense?”

At the judge’s nod, Hollerman came over to the defense table. “Snyder, I’ll give you your week. My only condition is that you don’t file an appeal alleging incompetence by Merle. This wasn’t a great trial for him, but he’ll be a good lawyer someday if he doesn’t get destroyed by an appeals court judge.”

“Fair enough.”

Hollerman walked back to his table. “Your honor, this is a Capital case. We should always have everything done in such a way that it’s in-disputable that we’ve provided a fair trial. I recommend we grant a one week continuance so Specialist Snyder can make whatever prepa-rations are necessary to make his defense.”

Snyder stood. “Your honor, I also ask to be relocated. The examinations I receive are not helpful to legal thinking.”

“What if we agree to leave you where you are, but no examinations?“ Hollerman turned to face Dread. “If I hear of any examinations, those who perpetrate them will themselves face court martial.” Hollerman turned to Snyder. “Is that agreeable?”

“Okay. I’ll also need a couple investigators with subpoena power.”

“Who are your investigators?”

Um, Mama and my eldest brother. “Azura Borden and Cerulean Borden.”

Hollerman smiled. “This will be amusing.”

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