Day of Dread, Part Thirteen

Continued from Part Twelve

A few minutes later, McGraw opened Snyder’s cell door. “There, now everything’s been set up to look like you never left.”

Dread! Set up. Snyder’s eyes widened.  Their last mission. “You’re a genius.  Its been all set up to make it look like it was just a normal death, but it was murder.”

“What are you talking about?” McGraw laughed. “You’re just like your dad. Jim had these moments, and I never got them.”

Snyder grimaced. “McGraw, let’s get one thing straight. Genetics might say ‘Jim’ was my father, but I’ve never had a dad.”


 I’ll pretend you said touché. “Right. Have you hacked my personal e-mail?”

“Not recently—I mean no.”

“Well, hack it. I’ll be posting some drafts indicating what I’ll need. Send what I need to the courthouse.”

McGraw handed him the Jack of Spades. “Kid, you got my personal guarantee. What’s the plan?”

“For me to play a game called, ‘Lawyer.’”

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