Day of Dread, Part Fifteen

Continued from Part Fourteen

On the day the continuance ended, Snyder walked over to Hollerman’s table and handed Hollerman a piece of paper. “A couple more stipulations for you to sign.”

Hollerman read them. “This seems basic.” Hollerman pulled a pen out and signed.

“Well, it beats having to spend ten days in court to establish all this.”

“It’s a pity I have to hang you, Snyder. You would’ve been good in the JAG.”

Thanks, I think.

Snyder returned to the defense table.

Judge Appel entered. Everyone rose until the judge sat and then retook their seats.

The judge said, “Specialist Snyder, are you ready to proceed?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“Major Hollerman?”

He said, “Yes, your honor.”

Snyder stood. “The defense calls Rogaine Raulston.”

A small, balding man with a patch of new growth was sworn in and sat in the witness stand. Snyder asked, “Mr. Raulston, what is your occupation?”

“I’m a personal shopper.”

“What do you help people shop for?”

“Concubines. They’re the ideal gift to give the lonely single in your life for Valentines Day, but it can be tricky determining the right buy.”

Snyder swallowed bile. “What do you re-quire to make a recommendation?”

“A background report and a psychological profile.”

“Did you get such a report for me?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Was a concubine purchased for me?”

“No, the client asked some questions and paid for consulting, but never made the buy.”

“What was your recommendation?”

“I advised the party to try a book. Based on your profile, I concluded you wouldn’t be a good match for a concubine and would view the gift negatively.”

“Were there any types of concubines you especially warned the party about?”

“Yes, I thought a black concubine would be particularly displeasing, given the attitudes you described your mother having in your con-fidential psychiatric file.”

“How did you get the file?”

“The client sent it to me.”

“Who was your client.”

Raulston flipped through electronic pages on an Iboard. “Mr. Paul Dread.”

A gasp went from the jury box.

The judge slammed down the gavel.

Snyder constrained his grin. “Your honor, I’d like to enter the report sent by Mr. Raulston to Colonel Dread as Exhibit B for identification. Your witness, Major.”

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