Zero, Part Four

Continued from Part Three

Snyder opened his eyes. His saluting elbow had landed in his seatmate’s face.

The middle-aged business man sitting next to Snyder said, “I’ve heard you guys could do your job in your sleep, but this is ridiculous.”

Snyder put his arm down. “Excuse me.” He got up and slipped into the cramped toilet.

After flushing, Snyder opened the door. The lady with the knitting needles stood. Sharp wooden points extended out of the needles. She grabbed the flight attend-ant and put a choke hold on her.

The black-haired young woman be-side the middle-aged terrorist leaped up, brandishing a pistol. “Everybody down!”

Snyder grabbed a fire extinguisher and ducked back into the toilet.

“You!” Footsteps approached the closed door. “Come out, or you’re dead.”

Snyder kicked the door open and threw the fire extinguisher in the woman’s face. She fell. Snyder grabbed the black-haired woman’s gun and tucked it into his belt.

How did you get aboard this bird with a gun?

Snyder turned her over and retrieved her wallet from her jacket pocket. The wallet had an engraved zero on the cover, like the purse. He flipped the wallet open. An Air Marshal badge gleamed.

It’s lovely when these folks go psycho.

A male flight attendant came back. “Nice move, sir.”

Snyder stood. “Where’s the other one?”

“The cockpit. We’ve got a security array by the drinks, if you want to check on camera.”

The flight attendant pressed a button by a large bottle of wine, revealing a series of cameras throughout the plane.

Snyder eyed the zero emblem on the guy’s thumb ring. “Nice. Now sit on the ground, hands behind your head.”

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