Zero, Part Five

Continued from Part Four

The flight attendant lunged. Snyder kicked him in the stomach and delivered an upper cut to the jaw that sent him sprawl-ing. The flight attendant gasped. “How did you know?”

“Your thumb ring had the same em-blem as the psycho air marshal’s wallet and that lady’s purse.”

The flight attendant laughed. “Most don’t notice it.”

“I’m in intelligence. We’re trained to notice. So what’s your game?”

“The human population should be zero.”

Snyder blinked. “That’s it.”

“Yes, and I’ll do my part.” The flight attendant chomped, swallowed, and began to gag.

Snyder grabbed him. “What’s going on?”

“Cyanide.” The flight attendant’s body fell deathly limp.

Snyder rushed to the psycho air marshal and pried her mouth open. At the back of her mouth was a false tooth. Snyder pulled the tooth out as she chomped down.

“No!” she screamed.

Snyder pulled the gun out. “Quiet down.”

“Kill me, whatever you want.”

He hit her with the gun, knocking her out again. He took off the dead flight attendant’s belt and used it to tie up the psycho air marshal. He glanced at the monitor.

The sewing lady stood outside the cockpit. She handed her captive female flight attendant a vile. The hostage poured the vile on the lock.

Snyder searched for the intercom button. He hit it. “A. L. Snyder of Army Intelligence here, Captain. The plane is being hijacked and one of them is about to break through. I need you to throw her off balance, make this a little less pleasant.”

The plane turned downward.

Snyder pushed the drink cart from coach through the entrance to first class. “Clear the aisle!”

The cockpit door exploded open.

The hijacker turned.

Loosed, the hostage jumped out of the way, into a vacant seat. The cart slammed into the hijacker and knocked her off her feet. The co-pilot grabbed away the knitting needles. The first class passengers burst into applause.

Snyder reached in the hijacker’s mouth and yanked out the cyanide capsule. “Get up, lady.”

The hijacker stood, and Snyder led her to the back of the plane.

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