War Under Glass, Part Twelve

Continued from Part Eleven

Speed Skater moved through the brush. An object hurtled through the air behind her. She leaped up as the knife slammed into a nearby tree. She landed on her feet.

Dark Mystic stepped from behind another tree. His voice resounded unusually deep. “Let’s see how you do with fire.”

He fired a wall of flames in her direction. She ducked behind the tree.

He stopped firing the flamethrower.

She peaked out. Dark Mystic surged into the air, defying gravity by demonic rage.

Speed Skater watched as he flew over the tree. She made a run to the other side. He came back around towards her.

Dark Mystic spat curses. “Once I get you in my claws, I’ll tear you to bits!”

“Hey, Mystic!” screamed Payday from a nearby tree stump. He pointed an AK-47 at Dark Mystic. “Today’s your payday.”

Speed Skater hit the ground as bullets swirled around her pursuer.

Dark Mystic screamed obscenities as he was hit. He landed behind the tree.

Payday put in another clip. Dark Mystic sent a ring of fire Payday’s direction. Speed Skater jumped and threw Payday to the ground. His gun and the clip landed several feet away. Great move, Lady Speed.

Dark Mystic picked up the weapon and eyed it. “What do you know? Two sitting ducks for the price of one.”

He pointed the weapon at Payday and Speed Skater.

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