War Under Glass, Part Eleven

Continued from Part Ten

“Jesse, we’re closing in on the last one.”

The Sword continued running. This had really better be the last. This was growing old quick. “Direction?”

“Ten o’clock.”

The Sword pointed his blade to the Northeast. Sure enough, a dog came right at him. An energy beam ended the threat.

Light streamed out through the entrance, only a few feet ahead of them.

“Finally, a break,” said Revelator.

Sixty feet from the entrance, a blinding flash of light appeared above them.  Fifteen rifle barrels appeared.

The trio turned tail and headed back the other way as a stream of bullets came towards them. They didn’t get far.

“Jesse, the dogs,” said Revelator.

The mad dogs were closing to within two hundred feet on one side. On the other was machine guns firing down on them. To the right, a cavern wall. To the left, a steep one hundred foot drop into a river.

The Sword ducked behind a rock and looked towards the exit. His eye caught a glint off an explosive charge. If the blade’s energy beam fired, it would probably blow them to kingdom come.

Continued…Next Monday

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