War Under Glass, Part Five

Continued from Part Four

Revelator stared at the desolate valley below him, Jesse, and Pantheon. “There are hundreds of cave entrances. Which one is Dark Mystic in?”

Jesse bit his lip. Maybe I should guess.

Revelator snorted. Jesse could be such an egotist. “Jesse, this isn’t a museum tour. You don’t guess.”

Jesse sent him an annoyed look. “I didn’t ask you to monitor my thoughts.”

“Still,” said Pantheon. “It’d be foolish to go in a random cave. Maybe the three of us could camp out and watch for him.”

Revelator nodded. “Have Lord History create another English village and we can move everyone here.”

“So that Dark Mystic doesn’t have so far to fly to get his prey?” asked Jesse.

“Point taken. So, want to return to base?”

“No. But I guess I don’t have a choice.  I’ll turn us around.”

The blade began to turn.

An unusual thought pattern emerged. “Revelator, I hope you can hear me.”

“Sword, stop!” said Revelator.

The blade stopped. Jesse said, “What?”

“It’s Dark Mystic. He’s down there and trying to communicate.”

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