The Great Search, Part Five

Continued from Part Four

Captain Justice drove the rental white SUV. Junior griped for the thousandth time, “This is worse that the Justicemobile!”

“It was this or the yellow Aveo.”

“The planet would prefer the Aveo.”

Cardin said, “My knees are grateful to not have to sit behind you in a compact, thank you.”

They pulled up to the mailbox with Squall written in black label stick-on let-ters. Captain Justice opened the mailbox and pulled out a yellow note. “It’s the post office, advising him they’re holding his mail. Dated six months ago.”

Cardin walked to the gate. “It’s lock-ed.” He pulled a lock pick. “We’ve got probable cause.”

After Cardin opened the gate, they got back in the car and drove down the private road to a blue mansion. They parked out front. Captain Justice looked around. “Wow, what a spread.”

Junior said, “Captain, look up on the roof!”

Captain Justice said, “What is it?”

“He’s got solar panels!”

“Nobody’s home,” Cardin said. “I don’t think there’s even a car in the ga-rage. Let’s head around back.”

In back, they found well manicured lawns.

Captain Justice said, “Do we have probable cause to go in the house?”

 “Sure.” Cardin knocked. “Federal Agents!”

He waited a second and kicked open the door. They walked in. A layer of dust had settled over everything in the kitchen.

Captain Justice said, “I’ll check the basement.”

Captain Justice clomped down the stairs. At the bottom, a pentagram had been sprayed in ashes. “Cardin! Get down here!”

Captain Justice walked past the pent-agram. On a makeshift altar lay a burnt skeleton.

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