The Great Search, Part Nine

Continued from Part Eight

The Sword sat on the porch, staring up at the moonless sky. Hell, huh?Maybe, you’re right, Laban. And I brought you here.

The Sword looked down at the note.

I trusted you, Ian, and look where it got me. Then again, you’ve got the only way out. Commander Justice even made it back home for a few minutes.

The Sword pulled out his blade. “Well, old friend, I don’t think we have much choice. We either kill Dark Mystic or he’ll succeed in killing us. Either way, we’re stranded. And we got to get these people home.”

The Sword shook his head. “When did I start talking to you, blade? It’s something about this place. We better get everyone back, or things may really get crazy.”


Continued next Monday

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