The Fifth Column, Part One

 Continued from Separation

The Sword stood in the red clay valley with Small Packages, whose curly red hair made the eighteen-inch-tall hero look like a leprechaun in overalls. The Sword stared down at the bloody white coat. There was no mistaking it: the Defender’s.

When will others stop having to pay for my mistake in trusting Dark Mystic?

Small Packages looked under the coat. “This is interesting.”

“What’s interesting about this? That Dark Mystic got another one?”

“Sword, where’s the body?”

“I don’t know, but with that much blood, there’s no way he survived.”

Small Packages’ sixty-foot-tall identical twin, Skyscraper, stepped into the valley and shrunk to his minimum stature; seven foot even. Small Packages shimmied up Skyscraper’s overalls and hopped into his front pocket. “Bro, bag the evidence. There’s a mystery here.”

Not again. When will Small Packages learn he’s not the pint-sized private investigator he used to play on TV? “There’s no mystery here.”

“I beg to differ. This looks nothing like the last scene Dark Mystic killed at. He has no reason to hide the body. It’s not his style.”

“Who else could have done it?”

Small Packages wrinkled his brow. “That’s what I want to find out.”

“You can’t be serious. You really think one of us did it?”

“You don’t have motive. Neither does Skyscraper. But we are dealing with another killer here.”

The Sword scowled. “I forbid you to follow this further. The last thing we need is to be accusing people of murder.”

“I just want to ask a few questions.”

“Well, I won’t allow it.”

Small Packages stared back sullenly.

The Sword paced for a second. “You’re not going to listen to me, are you?”

Small Packages shrugged. “If you’ve got nothing better to do than chase me around and stop me from asking questions . . . ”

The Sword sighed. Maybe it’d keep him out of trouble. “Don’t make an idiot of yourself, Smalls—and don’t go around accusing everyone.”

Continued…Next Monday

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