Powerhouse v. Night Lord, Part Twelve

Continued from Part Eleven

The Invisibility Master ran through the burning building. Paint pellets and paper clips flew near him. 

Where are you? I know you’re here.

How was he to know the metal dweeb had an invisibility power?

He put his ear to the ground.

Pain exploded near his ribs, right in the midst of the invisibility device. He became visible and looked up.

Powerhouse emerged seemingly out of the gray wall and grabbed him.



Jones sent Marcos a look that oddly seemed more concerned about Marcos’ soul than Jones’s own life. “You don’t have to do this, Marcos.”

For once, Marcos wished his reputation hadn’t preceded him. “Yes, I do.”

Never had he had this much trouble pulling the trigger.

Jones extended a hand. “Come on, Marcos. God doesn’t want you to do this. Pray with me, and everything will be fine. You’ll be forgiven and can have a new life.”

Marcos summoned the strength to fire.

The reverend collapsed, bleeding from his neck. The reverend whispered, “Father, forgive him.”

Marcos stood over him and fired again.

Continued…Next Tuesday

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