The Fifth Column, Part Eight

Continued from Part Seven

Captain Justice heaved a sigh of relief as the pain receded.

Dr. Baxter pulled the syringe out. “Cap, I expect you to take it easy and keep your leg elevated for two weeks, and be sure to put ice on it. See me back here then and we’ll evaluate what to do next. Usually, this injury takes 8-12 weeks to heal, but with your metabolism, you’ll make a remarkable recovery.”

Dr. Baxter drummed his fingers on his desk. “My medical opinion of your fitness to return to crime fighting is, once your injury heals, you can begin training. Your vitals were stable. What happened out there is you overdid it.”

“I didn’t do anything I wouldn’t have done when I was twenty-five.”

“You’re  not  twenty-five anymore. Not chronologically or physiologically. You’ve got to know your limits. In training you’ll establish those. During training, work eight hours a day, moving to ten after a month of training, and up to twelve after you’ve been out a while.”

“A forty hour work week? You’re kid-ding. Whoever heard of scheduling for a Superhero job?”

“The Sword, may he rest in peace. The Sword worked Monday-Thursday, 8-4:30, and Friday 8:00-Noon. He was on call on the weekends unless he was at the beach.”

I know bankers who work harder. “Who told you this?”

“The Commander. It miffed him.”

“If we had a city full of assistants like the Sword did, I guess I could schedule my life like that.”

“Something to think about.”

Captain Justice laughed. “Please, Doc. I’m not going to start Justice, Inc.”

“If you can get any help, take it.”

“People who can do my job are in short supply. Anyway, this medicine’s making me a little woozy. Can we go home?”

“Sure, but I’d also recommend adding more gadgets to your repertoire. It’ll give you an edge. ”

“Seems like cheating.”

“The only rule out there is stay alive.”

Dr. Baxter wheeled Captain Justice out into the empty parking lot of Baxter’s office.

Captain Justice heaved a sigh of relief. 

Thankfully, nobody else is around here on Sundays. Captain Justice in a wheelchair is embarrassing.

“One more thing, Cap. You need to tell your family. They deserve to know.”

Captain Justice groaned.

It’d be more fun to twist my knee again. Wally’s not going to be happy.

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