Fifth Column, Part Seven

Continued from Part Six

Small Packages strolled to a twisted Halloween tree that Captain Revolution had perched in. “Hey, Red.”

Captain Revolution sighed and glared down at him. “What is it now?”

“Could you jump from that tree to that one a few feet away?”

“I don’t think there’s any actual super hero among us who couldn’t manage that. It’s only about a four foot leap.”

“Champion took a blood test. Data Bank found traces of a sedative called Seconal.”

“You know how annoying Champion is when he can’t sleep. Even the snoring is not as bad. I can’t get to sleep.”

“So you decided to slip him a drug. Do you realize that Seconal is addictive, not to mention illegal without a prescription in the United States?”

“The Chinese government authorizes me to carry it on my missions. It’s come in handy more times than you’d imagine.”

“Well, per Champion’s request, you’re getting a new roommate, Tarantula King, and he doesn’t drink. Thanks to the accident that gave us the mutant spider we all know and love, alcohol makes him deathly ill.”

“I trust he doesn’t snore.”

“Nah, he webbed down at our pad in Chicago. Slept like a baby tarantula. But that leaves you without an alibi.”

Captain Revolution laughed. “Why do I need an alibi? Only you think  Dark Mystic wasn’t behind what happened to Defender. What even makes you suspect otherwise?”

“The murder didn’t fit his MO. The lack of a body isn’t his style. That, plus the blood on the Defender’s coat.”

“Why would finding blood on his coat be an issue?”

“The blood was thick on the outside of the coat, but thin on the inside, indicating the blood seeped from the outside of the coat to the inside rather than from the inside of the coat to the outside.”

“Meaning what?”

“Meaning that it looks really suspicious unless the Defender was wearing his coat inside out.”

“And you’ve picked me as the prime suspect to be the traitor.”

 “You declared your intent to violate his girlfriend because you’re a racist jerk and you know you’ll never get away with it as long as the rest of us are protecting her. You have no alibi because you drugged your roommate with an illegal sedative. You can easily leap from tree to tree without leaving tracks. Why shouldn’t I suspect you?”


Small Packages said, “There’s one way to clear yourself.”

“And what is that?”

“Let Revelator scan your mind.”

“What if I don’t want to let him?”

“If you’re innocent, why not?”

Captain Revolution jumped down from the tree. “Very well. Oh, and, wherever you have that brother of yours hiding, have him come out.”

There goes my hope Captain Skinhead would panic and attack me.

“Come on, Skyscraper.”

Skyscraper came out from behind a large tree and joined them.

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