Ask a Superhero: Book Title

Welcome to our weekly feature where we ask a question of a Superhero, Dave Johnson, aka Powerhouse and the Emerald Avenger.

Interviewer: Our first question comes from Ms. Verity Callaghan*, she asks, “What do you think of the title of your book?”

Mild Mannered Dave Johnson: “The Adventures of the Amazing Powerhouse”?

Int.: Um-that’s not the title. That was only a working title, but now we’ve chosen a new title.

Dave: You laid off the title?

Int.: In a matter of speaking. The title is, Tales of the Dim Knight.

Dave: Dim! I’ll have you know that I got a 91 on the IQ test, and that’s still an A! And I have a GED, and it took me years of study to get that degree. Dim? I don’t think so. I’m as bright as the Northern Lights of Alaska.

Int.: And humble too.

Dave: Yes, I’m a mild-mannered janitor by evening, Superhero by late nights. And when I leave work at about 7, it’s kind of dark out, but not really. It’s more dim. Hey, that’s it! That’s why they called it, The Dim Knight because when I leave and it’s fall, it is dim. Well, I thought you were insulting me. I’m sorry for all the horrible things I thought of doing to you that would violate the Super Hero code.

Int.: Quite all right.

Dave: Why are you snickering like that?

Int: Got a question for Dave. E-mail Want to read more about the wild and varied adventures of Dave Johnson? Then follow his story every Tuesday at Laser and Sword Magazine. Tales of the Dim Knight is set for release September 1st.

*Verity Callaghan is a character in Andrea’s Graham’s Purple Earth Saga.