The Double Cross, Part Eleven

Continued from Part Ten

The Sword tapped his blade on the yellow sand as the entire surviving pop-ulation of the hero colony stood at the pen-insula five miles from camp. “All right, Revolution, you told us that you and Pan-theon had figured out where everyone had disappeared to. So let’s have it.”

“Tarantula King, come here,” Captain Revolution said.

The man mutated into a giant six-armed spider joined Captain Revolution and Pantheon. 

Captain Revolution said, “It’s quite simple. We made them disappear.”

The Dark Mystic flew out of a nearby cave entrance. “And we shall make you all disappear now that your strongest members are gone.”

A bullet whizzed through the air and hit Dark Mystic in the arm.

“Not if we can help it,” cried the big voice of the Guild’s littlest member.

The Sword grinned. “Small Packages! I was afraid you were dead.”

Dark Mystic growled. “I thought you were. But you’ll all be dead soon.”

Continued next Monday

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