Separation, Part Five

Continued from Part Four

Ian let out a shriek of pain. Ian stared over at a knife. If he could only gain control long enough to put the knife through his own heart.

He strained, unable to break free of Jalzabel’s control.

Markum said, “You should be ready to go back at it tomorrow. You’ll have had ten days to recover, but for them, they’ve only had a few hours.”

Jalzabel cursed. “I cannot defeat them myself. The unified strength of all twenty-nine is too much.”

“Well, then. We’ll bring in people to help you.”

“I don’t want anyone else involved. I’d rather their location be considered mythical. No, what we must do is find traitors within the ranks.”

Markum gasped. “You think you’ll be able to turn some of the heroes to our side?”

“Many are already without knowing it. But active treachery will be a challenge. Still, nothing is impossible if you know how to reach out to the evil within.”

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