Powerhouse v. Nightlord, Part One

Continued from Powerhouse and the Pastor

A chopping noise pierced the air.

Powerhouse muted Reverend Jones’ TV and pushed up out of the easy chair, a glass of milk in hand. Powerhouse pulled open the curtains.

A helicopter hovered a few feet above the ground. Guns protruded from the copter. A hail of bullets streamed in.

Dodging bullets, Powerhouse flew out the window and landed beneath the copter. He located a soft spot in the copter’s under-belly and broke through. “You can’t escape Powerhouse, you villainous villains!“

Inside the copter, a steel door closed underneath him. He turned. Guns mounted on the wall targeted his vital organs.

Must move quickly and, if I get out of this, must buy the kids a thesaurus.

Continued next Tuesday

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